Nomination of Candidates

To be eligible for nomination, candidates must, on Nomination Day, be:

  1. At least 18 years old;
  2. A Canadian citizen;
  3. An Alberta resident on Election Day;
  4. A resident of the Town of Viking and in the Division in which you live in for the 6 consecutive months immediately preceding Nomination Day;
  5. Not otherwise ineligible or disqualified under the Act.

Click here for the prescribed Nomination Form.  The form must be filed before noon on Monday August 14, 2023 for the By-Election to be held on Monday, September, 11, 2023 

The Nomination Form must be signed by the candidate and commissioned by a Commissioner for Oaths. 

It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that the Nomination Form is filed in accordance with the Act.

The Returning Officer must review and sign the Nomination Form before it can be accepted.  Note that the Returning Officer shall not accept a nomination that is not completed in the prescribed form, is not signed by at least the minimum number of required persons, is not sworn or affirmed by the candidate, or is not accompanied by the required deposit.

Nomination forms will be accepted by mail or personal delivery at the Town of Viking office, located inside the Viking Carena Complex at 5120-45 Street, Box 369, Viking, AB.   If your Nomination Form is complete and you do not need to meet with the Returning Officer, it may be mailed.

If you wish to submit your Nomination Form in person, please make an appointment with the Returning Officer by calling 780-336-3466.

To determine who is eligible to nominate a candidate, please review Section 27 of the LAEA.  Note that a candidate must file a Nomination Form before accepting any contributions or incurring any campaign expenses.  For more information regarding campaign finances, refer to Part 5.1 of the LAEA.

Candidates must also file a Candidate Information form.

A candidate may appoint an elector to be either the candidate's official agent or scrutineer.   A copy of this Form must be in the possession of the agent or scrutineer when performing his/her duties.

For additional information, please contact Doug Lefsrud, Returning Officer, at 780-336-3466 or