Off-Leash Dog Park

Off-Leash Dog Park – NOW OPEN June 2023

The Town of Viking is excited to announce the opening of the Off-Leash Dog Park. This exciting new addition to our community creates a space for dog to run and exercise in a safe enclosed space.

Located just west of the ball diamonds, you can access the area by driving through the main ball diamond gates and proceed west towards the water reservoir banks, there is a double gated entrance at the south east corner.

Street parking is also available on the west side of the dog park. You can access at the corner of 56 Avenue & 49 Street. There is a double gated entrance as well at the south west corner.

Temporary garbage bins will be available until the permanent ones are in place. Please bring your own baggies to clean up after your pet.

We are working on signage and a user guideline to ensure everyone is using the space as it was intended. This information will be available on our web site in the “Residents” section.

We are excited to see your pet the Off-Leash Dog Park, we encourage you to post a photo of your pet running and playing and tag “Town of Viking” on your social media account.

Please direct any questions to the Town of Viking at or by phone at 780-336-3466.


  1. Pick up after your dog. 
  2. All dogs must be licensed as per Town of Viking Animal Control Bylaw
  3. All dogs must be vaccinated.
  4. All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  5. No aggressive dogs. Do not bring dogs with a past history of aggression towards dogs or humans.
  6. Children under 8 should not enter the off-leash area. Children must be directly supervised at all times. 
  7. No smoking or eating within the fenced dog park area.
  8. Always close gates behind you.

Town of Viking is not liable for any accident or injury of any kind. Use at your own risk.