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Viking Handi-Van upgrades to new vehicle!Handi-van exterior

News: January 2019

The Viking Handi-Van is excited to announce they have a new vehicle. This new 2018 Ford model van has all the same features and can transport 12 people, including 3 spaces for wheelchairs. Like the previous model, this vehicle has a wheelchair lift. The Handi-van Society provides affordable transportation for seniors and those with disabilities in our community.

Wednesdays are Shuttle days for $5.00 for area residents.

Inquire about Charter services! You can book the Handi-van for any private booking, wedding or group trip.

Call Kerri Davis at 780-385-1757 to book your trip!

About the Viking Handi-Van Society

Provided by Dale Morrical,

Board Chair/Bookkeeper
Viking Handi-Van Society

The Viking Handi-Van Society became a registered charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency and Alberta Corporate Registry on September 12, 1986.  Over the intervening years, several vans have provided transportation service for Viking and area residents.  Our key reason for being is to provide affordable transportation for seniors and those with disabilities, hence the hydraulic lift that has existed in all of our vans.

To gain access to the van for transportation, call Kerri Davis at 780-385-1757.  We have a number of drivers available and can likely provide transportation to suit most peoples needs.

Wednesdays are our "Shuttle" days, where $5.00 will pick you up from wherever you are and deliver you to where you need to go and back home, all for $5.00.  In addition to Vikingites, we have gone as far as Kinsella in the past for seniors in that community needing transportation to and from Viking for medical and personal needs, and presently provide service to people in Bruce.  All for $5.00 for the entire trip!!

We often operate at a loss as our "Shuttle" rate doesn't cover the cost of providing this service.  We do provide a "Charter" service as well, and the rates are recorded on the attached brochure.  We depend upon donations from many organizations and businesses in our community to remain viable.  Any donation of $1,000 or more is recognized with a magnetic sign placed on the van, for at least a year, with the donor's name on it under the words "Funded in part by".  So our van is a mobile advertiser for those organizations and businesses who donate $1,000 or more to our organization.

Our van has traveled as far away as Edmonton, and often travels to Camrose, Daysland and Vegreville to attend to the medical and personal needs of our community's residents.   As mentioned above, our rates are recorded on the attached brochure.  It is not cheap to charter the van, but I can tell you we don't make much money from charter usage.  Insurance, drivers contracts, fuel, inspections, maintenance and licensing are our main expenses.  Our financial records are provided to the Canada Revenue Agency annually and these can be found on the CRA's website under "Charities and Giving".  When you get to the CRA's search window, type in Viking Handi-Van Society to access all the historical information.

Membership in the society is open to any Albertan 18 years of age and over and I really encourage anyone interested in giving some of their time to this valuable community service to attend the quarterly meetings, generally held at 1:00 P.M. at the Vialta Lodge, the second Thursday of the months of February, May, August and November.  The next meeting, the Annual General Meeting is to be held February 14th.  We need new members desperately.  It doesn't cost anything but an hour of your time 4 times a year!!