Land and Economic Development

Economic Development

Town of Viking is focused on supporting economic development and business growth. Our strategic priority is to attract new light manufacturing, medium industrial, and service businesses to the communityand support existing local businesses through promotion and education opportunities.

The local economy supports opportunities for employment in agriculture, oil and gas, healthcare, and light manufacturing industries. There are opportunities for residents to work and live in the Town of Viking and the surrounding area.

The Town of Viking serves as a major service centre for the region offering healthcare, governmental, educational, entertainment, recreational and social services to residents of the community and the larger region. This is reflected in the large percentage of residents employed in the healthcare and social services industry, retail trade and business services.

Agriculture and other resource-based industries play an important role in the economy and land use of the Town of Viking and surrounding area. The area (which includes the Town of Viking and Beaver County) is well suited to hay and field crop production with significant acreage of hay and fodder crops, alfalfa and alfalfa mixes, canola, wheat, barley and oats grown. Large numbers of livestock are raised in the area, including poultry, followed by beef cattle, swine, and dairy cattle.

Land for Development

The Town of Viking and Beaver County jointly own approximately 45 acres of industrial land on the west side of the Town of Viking, known as the Viking/Beaver Business Park.

The Park is strategically located adjacent to the Town of Viking with ready access to Highway 36, one of the Province's high load corridors. Utility services include three-phase power, natural gas, telephone, water and sewer.

A joint development plan is being prepared to facilitate development on the property, which will include light industrial and commercial services.

The lot prices in the Viking/Beaver Business Park start at $50,000 per acre.

Map of Viking/Beaver Business Park