Animals and Pets

Pet Owners Responsibilities

Pet Owners are responsible for the care and control of their dogs and cats. In Viking you are allowed up to four domestic animals (dogs or cats).

Controlling your dog and cat means:

  • Your pet must either be on a leash or carried if it is off your property.
  • Your pet cannot chase, threaten or attack any person, vehicle, bicycle or other animal.
  • Female animals in heat must be confined during their whole time in heat.
  • Excessive dog barking or howling cannot disturb the peace of others.
  • If your pet damages someone else's property, you are responsible.
  • Any dog or cat feces deposited on private or public property must be removed by the owner.
  • You can't take your dog anywhere where signs indicated they are prohobited.     

File a Complaint

Report noise violations (barking, howling), leash law violations, scoop law violations, injured or deceased animals to the Town Office.

Pet By-laws

You can review the full bylaw here.

Pet License Form