Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

If there is an emergency in our area, look for updates on media channels, tv, radio and the Alberta Emergency Alert. The Alberta Emergency Alert for our area can be viewed in the bottom right hand corner of our web site. 

The preparedness materials are updated regularly and divided into five pages as follows:

Hazard preparedness - includes multiple pages dedicated to hazards in Alberta with preparedness tips and 60 second video clips:

Build an emergency kit – is our most popular page and includes printable brochures and checklists for family, pet, farm animal and vehicle preparedness.

Pet Preparedness – includes tools and materials to help keep pets safe and comfortable, before, during and after an emergency

Farm animals and livestock – includes tools and materials to help keep farm animals and livestock safe if you need to shelter in place or evacuate.

Raise awareness in your community – includes tools and materials for communities to raise awareness, including info on emergency preparedness week, #PrepareYourSelfie campaign, and 60 second videos that are sharable on social media.

Make an emergency plan – includes an emergency preparedness guide, tips on how to communicate during an emergency and information relating to pets, children and a guide for people with disabilities. 

Emergency preparedness – includes hazard info and general emergency preparedness information including shelter-in-place and evacuation fact sheets