The Town of Viking is strategically situated on two major transportation routes. East-west highway 14 intersects with north-south highway 36 in Viking. From Viking it is about 500km north to Fort McMurray, about 500km northeast to Cold Lake and about 500km south to the USA Border. Viking is about 135km east of Edmonton and about 130km west of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Both highway 14 and 36 have been designated by Alberta Transportation as High Load Corridor highways which will accommodate loads of up to 9.0 meters high.

Highway 36 (also named Veterans Memorial Highway) is a major north-south highway, extending from the town of Lac La Biche in the north to the village of Warner in the south. It was given the name Veterans Memorial Highway in 2005 during the Province of Alberta's centennial, in honour of the province's military history, and for the contributions Alberta's veterans have made.

The northernmost leg of Highway 36 begins 20 kilometers (kms) south of Lac La Biche, where it meets with Highway 55 to complete the route further north to Fort McMurray and Alberta's Oil Sands region, via Highway 63. Highway 36 continues to stretch south through eastern Alberta, all the way down to Warner, where it meets with Highway 4 traveling southeast out of Lethbridge. From Warner, it is approximately 30 kms to Coutts at the US border. Highway 36 is also a major component of the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor and the North America Ports to Plains Corridor.

The Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor (EATC) is part of the World's 2nd largest oil reserves – the Alberta Oil Sands. It provides investors the ability to connect with companies and oppotunities in Eastern Alberta whether it is in oil & gas , agriculture, manufacturing, defence, tourism or transportation and distribution sectors. It is the northern leg of the North American Ports to Plains Corridor. The Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor is more than a major north/south transportation route that connects the United States border in the south to the major oil sands projects in Northern and North Eastern Alberta. It is also a viable safer option to connect to the Industrial Heartland, north of Edmonton and the major potential that exists serving North Eastern Alberta oil projects.

The Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor provides companies and investors the opportunity to connect to business in Eastern Alberta and related industries all along its route whether it is in agriculture, manufacturing, defense, tourism or transportation and distribution.

Viking is also on the main East-West CN Rail line which connects the busiest port in North America (Vancouver) to Eastern Canada and the Gulf of Mexico.

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