Recreation & Culture Grant Application

What is the Recreation & Culture Grant?

The application period to apply for 2023 is now closed.


Each year funds are collected as part of the Town of Viking property taxes through an annual Levy. This Levy is called the Annual Special Recreation/Culture Tax Levy. The Town of Viking collects this Levy to support organizations within our community to provide services to you.

The goal of this Levy is to provide inclusive community programming and facility needs involving recreation and culture in the community of Viking.

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What does the grant cover?
The grant can assist in covering the costs of general repair, maintenance, operation, and programming of the Town of Viking recreational facilities and user groups.

The operating, maintenance and facility programming of these facilities in a recurring and ongoing nature; and to assist in the overall running and operation of community recognized youth sports and mentor ship, senior recreational programming, community health & recreation enrichment.

How is the grant awarded?
The Special Recreation/Culture Tax Levy collects $30,000 annually. Depending on the number of applications received the grant is dispersed to organizations based on their application request. Viking Town Council reviews each applications request and determines the allocation of requested grant monies to each group.

What is the timeline to apply & receive funding?
The application period for the Recreation & Culture Grant opens September 1 and closes September 30. All applications are reviewed by Viking Town Council & Administration at the October Regular Council Meeting and funding allocations are finalized at the November Regular Council Meeting.

The announcement of grant funding is made on December 1 annually.

The Recreation & Culture Grant use is to be used to support our community. Here are examples how you can use the grant:

  • Repair or replace equipment used by your organization & its members.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the facility you operate and maintain; including upgrades and repairs to the physical building and grounds.
  • Ongoing operation costs; for example, utility bills, wages, clinician costs.
  • Facilitating events for our community, providing entertainment and community enrichment. 

How to apply

  • Recreation & Culture Grant Application Form (fillable)
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to use our online version & submit electronically

On your application we require the name of the organization applying and a primary contact person.

To prepare your application please provide the following information in your request:

  • Organization name and contact information
  • Address, phone and email for the person making the application
  • Amount of funds requested
  • How you will use these funds
  • A description of your organization
  • Number of years your organization has been operating
  • Number of members
  • What activities do you offer in our community?
  • What other ways do you fund your organization?

The application period:
September 1 and closed September 30. The announcement of grant funding is made on December 1 annually.