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Connecting the Community


Viking Community Wellness Society (VCWS) consists of community volunteers, the Town of Viking and Alberta Health Services.
We welcome other partnerships as the project continues, and walks along!
information                  The Walking Trail will connect existing sidewalks and street routes to provide an extended route to explore Viking. With a Walking Trail that is safe and accessible for walking, biking, rollerblading, strollers, wheelchair and scooter access away from existing high speed traffic routes.
The benefits:
  • Year round accessibility at no cost to users.
  • Showcase the beauty of Viking without leaving the community
  • Be a selling feature for growth, and an attraction for visitors.
Why a Walking Trail? Supporting activities and projects that promote and enhance community wellness.
Enriching the quality of community life by promoting pathways for lifelong heath and wellness.
Funding for the project will come from grants and actively pursuing donations from the region. 
See the last page of this package for information on how to support this great project.

We support activities and projects that contribute to a stronger, healthier community for everyone.
We advocate for the creation of a safe walkable community for the residents of Viking, surrounding area and visitors.