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Community Daycare in Viking - Survey deadline April 17, 2019 Daycare logo

Viking Town Council has recognized the need to promote services to families in our community and has created an Advisory Committee to research and identify the need for a Daycare in Viking. This is a priority for Council to support the growth and economic health of the Town. 

The Advisory Committee of interested community members, with Town Council are looking for your feedback. 

The first step in providing an affordable provincially subsidized Daycare in Viking is to determine the needs of the community, and your family.

Your participation in this survey is critical for the planning of this project.

In your mailbox you will have a paper version of the survey, or click here to print a copy and complete.


Complete the online survey located here:

 Viking Childcare Needs Assessment Survey Deadline April 17, 2019 

1.Does your family have concerns about the availability of childcare for your children either currently or in the foreseeable future? YES   NO 

2. Is lack of childcare hindering you from working? YES   NO

3. What hours during the day would you require childcare?

4.How many children and their ages will require childcare?


5.How often do you require childcare? (please circle which apply to you)
a.Full time (five days a week)
b.Part time (2-4 times a week)
c.Before and after school & on holidays
d.Occasional (1 or 2 times per month)

6.Are you currently accessing childcare in another community, but would rather access it in Viking if it was available? YES   NO

7.Do you have any comments or concerns you would like to share?





Survey drop-off locations: Viking Pharmacy, Viking FCSS Offce, Town Office

Or in person to: Advisory Committee Members: Candace Ritchie, Bailey Stannard, Debbie O’Toole, Laurel Weisgerber, Judy Acres, Doug Lefsrud, Lindsay Hafso, or pick up will be provided if a survey is dropped of at your place of work. 

Your comments and information will be used by the Town of Viking and the Advisory Committee on the project and will not be shared or distributed for any other purpose. If you have any questions please contact the Town of Viking at 780-336-3466.

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