Our partners


The partners and their roles

VCWS Viking Community Wellness Society (VCWS)
A group of stakeholders interested in enhancing and creating a path to increase town walkability and breaking down barriers to wellness.
Role: Build the culture of walking in Viking whether it be to reach destinations or leisure.
Town of Viking
Town of Viking
The Town of Viking shares the goals of the VCWS and is actively partnering with ongoing plans.  As well as providing land for walking trails, the Town is ensuring that its infrastructure plans (curbs, sidewalks, etc) are compatible with the aims and goals of VCWS.
Role: Advising the Society, providing expertise and knowledge as needed, promoting and supporting healthy community activities.

The Community
Support the Walking Trail Project by seeing page 4 of this brochure on how to be involved.
Role: Use the Walking Trail with your family, enjoy the outdoors and your community, discover new things.